Mavic Air 2 with 34-Min Max Flight Time

Features 4K/60fps Video, 48MP Photo, and up to 34 minutes max flight time

  • Ability to fly farther with more accurate video transmission and steering

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Mavic Air 2 Notable Features

The Mavic Air 2 is a powerful drone for the price. Major quality and safety improvements have been made by DJI including:

  • High quality 4K/60fps video and cinematic 8K hyperlapse capabilities

  • Longer 34 minute max flight time and 240 minute max RC battery life

  • APAS 3.0 Obstacle Avoidance and OcuSync 2.0 10km 1080p/30fps Video Transmission

  • Safer steering, visibility, and flight

  • Focus tracking and focus locking for better cinematic aerial shots

  • HEVC (H.265) video codec which records more information from H.264 and also takes up less space

dji mavic air 2 focus tracking

Watch the full video demo of the new Mavic Air 2:

Product Specifications

Mavic Air 2 weighs 570g and measures at 183×253×77 mm when unfolded. The drone has a max ascent speed of 4 m/s and a max descent speed of 3 m/s, unless you’re in S Mode which can get up to 5 m/s.

The drone can go up to 5000 m above sea level when flying and has a max flight distance of over 18 kilometers!

Contains a GPS+GLONASS satellite system and 8GB internal storage.

The camera has a 1/2″ CMOS sensor with Effective Pixels: 12 MP and 48 MP. Has an 84° field of view with an Equivalent Focal Length: 24 mm and Aperture: f/2.8. Max photo resolution of 48 MP 8000×6000 pixels.

Photo formats of JPEG/DNG (RAW) with D-Cinelike, Normal color profiles. Video formats MP4/MOV (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, H.265/HEVC) with 120 Mbps max bitrate. This drone supports a microSD with capacity of up to 256 GB.

QuickShots Feature

QuickShots is a feature on Mavic Air 2 drones that allows you to capture cinematic video clips automatically. The drone will plan and fly a complicated aerial route to capture professional quality clips.

These are the QuickShots modes:

  • Dronie: flies away and up into the air from original subject

  • Circle: rotates in a 360 degree circle around the original subject

  • Helix: rotates in a full circle and lifts up around the original subject

  • Rocket: drone travels upward like a rocket and pans down at original subject

  • Boomerang: drone goes away from original subject then boomerangs back

  • Asteroid: drone shoots up and far away from original subject

Image below shows an example of how the Asteroid QuickShots feature works. The drone starts on the subject and then shoots up into the sky and far away. Watch all the QuickShots examples on DJI’s website.

asteroid quickshot on dji mavic air 2

dji mavic air 2 above

Pricing and Availability

The DJI Mavic Air 2 is priced at $799 USD and is available on DJIAdorama, and from other retailers. Ordered from DJI, the drone expects to ship in 7-10 days from payment confirmation.

The purchase includes: Mavic 2 Aircraft, Remote Controller, Battery and Battery Charger, AC Power Cable, Low Noise Propellers, RC Cables, and a gimbal protector, along with some other cables and parts.

mavic air 2 under

mavic air 2 controller