,10Hハーモニカ,鈴木(スズキ)楽器,おもちゃ , 楽器玩具 , ラッパ・吹奏楽器,MR-350,プロマスター,/coequalize160385.html,E,3346円 鈴木 スズキ お気にいる 楽器 10Hハーモニカ E MR-350 プロマスター 3346円 鈴木(スズキ)楽器 10Hハーモニカ プロマスター MR-350 E おもちゃ 楽器玩具 ラッパ・吹奏楽器 3346円 鈴木(スズキ)楽器 10Hハーモニカ プロマスター MR-350 E おもちゃ 楽器玩具 ラッパ・吹奏楽器,10Hハーモニカ,鈴木(スズキ)楽器,おもちゃ , 楽器玩具 , ラッパ・吹奏楽器,MR-350,プロマスター,/coequalize160385.html,E,3346円 鈴木 スズキ お気にいる 楽器 10Hハーモニカ E MR-350 プロマスター

鈴木 スズキ お気にいる 楽器 10Hハーモニカ E 正規取扱店 MR-350 プロマスター

鈴木(スズキ)楽器 10Hハーモニカ プロマスター MR-350 E


鈴木(スズキ)楽器 10Hハーモニカ プロマスター MR-350 E





鈴木(スズキ)楽器 10Hハーモニカ プロマスター MR-350 E

Harmonica has a nice weight to it which I believe is reflective of its material qualities used. Sound is very responsive upon playing, 2 - 3 of the draw notes bend exceptionally well and produces a quality of sound that surpasses the comparative model Hohner puts out called the Meisterklasse 580. I did research on this and other similar harmonica's and have found that for your money, the Suzuki Promaster harps are Fantastic and well worth their price!!! I plan on buying a couple more of these in different keys. Well done Suzuki on the quality and craftmanship on this product model.
Voici à mon sens,la Rolls de la série,en restant dans un compromis de prix un peux plus élevée,mais totalement justifié...D'abord une finition sans égal,par rapport à d'autres marques bien connu... Chassie entièrement aluminium sommier compris,capot dessusamp;dessous en inox épais traitée haute qualité! Lames et anches en phosphore/bronze...La finition est très soignée...Cette Harmonica est vraiment "réservé" au connaisseur,au puriste! Alors Certes..IL a moins de projection qu'un Hohner Marine band,par opposition (anches inox sommier en bois de poirier). Mais Ultra précis dans le jeu,le phrasé,on peut "l'effleuré" il démarre au quart de tour. En Blues ou blues/Jazz Slow ou Fast Funk Country ect...Bref un must! Entièrement conçu et Fabriqué au Japon.Celui ci,est en tonalité E(Mi)(relativement aigus) Pour vous accorder avec un groupe. Guitare/cuivres/bass/Piano..Ceci devront être en tonalité B(si) à ne pas confondre avec Bb (Si bémol)...Enjoy!
Sounds better than thought it would!The little one is very pleased!This has a solid feel, very plesant tones (like what you would expect to hear if someone was playing a harmonica in a MotionPicture/Movie).Easy to clean, Sturdy carrying case.Basic playing and care instructions in English and Japanese.Planning to get a "C" scale harmonica (more expensive, i think this is because middle C scale is more popular because of the obvious; being midrange)
First off I am a experienced blues harp player. I have a complete set of Hohner special 20s I was looking for an upgrade for I have reached their limitations. I will say waht a disappointment in the Suzuki. A "professional harmonica" is the overstatement of the year. Its seems to be really solid but right out of the box holes 7-9 played without any volume to them whatsoever. They are always a bit tougher but this is an extreme! Also when I first opened the case there is a big warning about red breakage and a warning about them going into the mouth! Forget getting it into my mouth, I would most likely inhale them right down my pipe into my lungs! This is a sevear dissatisfaction!! NO WAY am I going to use this pos!!! Uggghhh so sad.

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