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LensCoat 17 LCHMPI


LensCoat 17 LCHMPI


LensCoat 17 LCHMPI

I hate dealing with lens caps.You see something that triggers your shutter itch, and you run and grab the camera. The moment is still strong--you haven't missed the "Kodak Moment." You bring the camera up to your eye and--Dammit! The lens cap is on!So you take it off and then spend another couple of seconds thinking about where to put the damn thing. By the time you put it away and bring the camera back to your eye to take the shot, the moment is gone.It's because of situations like that, I decided to go on the prowl for a solution.I considered making my own solution with cloth or cardboard and elastic band, but then I thought, maybe someone already made something like it and turned it into a product. And that's where we are now. I found LensCoat and bought one.I knew I had to make modifications to LensCoat even before I bought it, so it's not that LensCoat is the 100% solution I needed--it simply cut down the time I had to spend on making the cover aspect of my solution.In addition to LensCoat, what I did was to fix a nylon string through the label flap and then tie it around my lens, so that I can quickly pull off LensCoat and not have to think about where to put it -- I just let it hang. While hanging, it does not get in the way of me shooting, whether in landscape or portrait orientation. The soft material of LensCoat means it does not clang against the camera/lens, so when shooting a video, it won't introduce unwanted noise.The only thing that's annoying about the LensCoat is that it's stretchy material makes it hard to put on a lens that has a petal-shaped lens hood. You absolutely need both hands to pull and stretch the LensCoat so that it would go over the petal shapes. My suggestion is that a new product should be developed, where there's a quick-release clamping system, where in the open position, the opening is wide enough so you could just slip the LensCoat on without needing to pull and stretch it (which wastes time and requires both hands). Then once it's on, you just close the clamp and it's nice and secure. The clamp can be inserted between neoprene layers so it won't knock against the camera/lens and make noises (or scratch them).
I bought this Hoodie for one main reason - regular use of Nikon's supplied cap for the 14-24 will damage the built-in hood. Nikon's cap is poorly designed, similar to the cap for the 16mm fisheye. Not the end of the world, but for a $2K lens, not really acceptable either.I want to start by saying that this product should be fine for most uses (i.e. on removable lens hoods for lenses that take screw filters, or even on larger telephoto lenses). For the 14-24, it's not great because although the neoprene boot fits tightly around the built-in hood, the front protective disc is actually too small and fits inside the inner diameter of the hood. This means that with pressure or impact, there's nothing stopping the Hoodie from caving in and touching the front element. Even at 24mm, the front element comes pretty close to the top of the hood on this lens - at 14mm it's pretty well flush.I bought the medium based on LensCoat's guidelines on their site and favourable reviews from other 14-24 owners. Why not get the next size up? I thought of that and admittedly I haven't tried the large on this lens, but I suspect that even if the protective disc was sufficiently large to cover the hood's outer diameter, the neoprene boot would most likely fit looser than the medium, which wouldn't be any good either. The medium size stretches to fit pretty snugly, which is good.Given that the large probably isn't going to be much better, I've chosen to keep this Hoodie and modify it. I've cut two circular pieces of mat board exactly 4" in diameter and inserted them in the Hoodie, then placed the supplied disc inside the sleeve on top of the mat board. I find expanding the diameter in front allows the Hoodie to be braced against the end of the lens' built-in hood, thus eliminating the aforementioned "caving" issue. I plan to replace the mat board with a piece of hard plastic - just wanted to make sure that the neoprene stretched enough to accommodate it, which it did.Once I get the plastic disc inside this thing, I think it should be ready to take out in the field. This drawback isn't the fault of the designers - it's really only an issue for this specific lens because of how bulbous the front element is. Maybe they could include an extra larger disc or even just sell separate discs of different sizes (they may - haven't checked). The included disc is OK, but not great - just thin plastic glued to a thicker piece of neoprene similar to the bottom of a mousepad.Some other thoughts - it's easy to get off but definitely not easy to put on with one hand. The Nikon cap beats it in this regard. The Hoodie requires some stretching to get it on - easier if you have two free hands. Also, there is a weak point along the side of the hoodie near the front, as most lens hoods are petal type and have cutaways for the corners of your sensor. Anything pointy in your bag could pierce this area and compromise the Hoodie - not at all likely, but possible. Some beefier neoprene near the front would help with this risk.Hate to be critical, but the design could use a few refinements. Most people are going to be happy with this thing, though.
I bought this to use while I tested out the Nikon 14-24/2.8. The plastic lens cover is known to scratch the lens hood through normal usage. However, I found this to be really useful as it folds up and can be put into a pocket when not in use. It has a hard plastic plate in front to provide protection to the lens. It comes in a number of colors and is an inexpensive piece of insurance. I'm looking into other products from LensCoat for my other lenses.



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