Cuisinart,DLC-2AWBC-1,,7452円,Cover,Bowl,/inutility139284.html,ホーム&キッチン , 家電 , 消耗品・アクセサリ,Work 7452円 Cuisinart DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover ホーム&キッチン 家電 消耗品・アクセサリ 7452円 Cuisinart DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover ホーム&キッチン 家電 消耗品・アクセサリ Cuisinart,DLC-2AWBC-1,,7452円,Cover,Bowl,/inutility139284.html,ホーム&キッチン , 家電 , 消耗品・アクセサリ,Work Cuisinart DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover 高額売筋 Cuisinart DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover 高額売筋

Cuisinart 専門店 DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover 高額売筋

Cuisinart DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover


Cuisinart DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover


Cuisinart DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover

Cuisinart DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover

This item doesn’t fit my mini prep plus from Costco. Model CGC-4PC5. The plastic guide which is supposed to make contact with the motor, to turn the motor on, is about an inch too short.
I hope this lid lasts as long as the original one did (about 9 or more yrs). I so love my powerful little Cuisinart. When the catch on the lid broke I was sick, glad I checked Amazon first. The new lid fits so well if you don't look at the bowl you'd never know it didn't come with it. It was a little pricey but worth it.
Purchased this replacement lid for my Mom; however, it didn't work/fit even though it was for her specific model. The part on the lid that slides into the machine to keep it on was way too long so the lid would not fasten down. I was truly disappointed when 50% of the purchase price was deducted to cover the return shipping charges. I would not have returned the product had it fit the model specified on the website.
This item listed to fit cuisinart mini processors but it does not fit older version. The lid lock extends further down on newer models even though it listed with same model as my processor. Return was very easy and paid for .

創造性の心理学 11|創造性のステージ理論|まとめ

こんにちは、やまもとです。 創造性について、Runco教授がまとめた書籍「Creativity」を学習しつつ内容をまとめています。 ここまでは、創造性をある種の認知プロセスと考える研究について学習してきました。その中で出 …

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こんにちは、やまもとです。 心理学系の論文を読んでいると、よくリッカート式のアンケート結果に対する因子分析の結果が掲載されています。因子分析には、探索的因子分析と確証的因子分析の2種類があります。探索的因子分析は、どのよ …

パナソニック FM/AM 2バンドレシーバー (シルバー) RF-P55-S

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